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I started this blog site, Finally Our Time, eight years ago when I first retired at the age of 64. At that time, I was writing about retirement, trying to do kind of a humorous look at what it meant to be retired. While that was fun, and it helped me to sort out my thoughts on retirement and what it meant to me, I found it was difficult to keep coming up with ideas for the humorous side of retirement. I'm not really a comedy writer.

Then I went to writing about local restaurants. My wife and I enjoyed eating out a lot, and I got this hare-brained idea that if my blog postings were reviews of restaurants, then I could take a tax deduction for every meal when we went out to eat. Well, that didn't work out. I discovered that all our evenings out were not going to be tax deductible, and besides I discovered that the years between the ages of 65 and 70-1/2 are the golden years when it comes to taxes. I wish I could go back to them.

Then I discovered whole food, plant-based eating and decided that's what I would write about. For the last six years, this site has been devoted to my thoughts on eating whole food, plant-based. And it's been more successful than I ever imagined it would be. It turns out that a lot of people like reading what I think about eating whole food, plant-based.

Then two years ago, I started a second blog site titled The Art of Plant-Based Meal Creation, where I started posting recipes that I was experimenting with. Then it developed into some of my favorite recipes. And now it's where I want to consolidate my writing on the whole food, plant-based lifestyle. Therefore, I am asking you my reader to do two things. First, click on that link and subscribe to The Art of Plant-Based Meal Creation. Second, in the email where you received this blog posting, click Unsubscribe.

It's important to unsubscribe to Finally Our Time because once again, Finally Our Time is going to change. I'm spending more and more time (not to mention money!) on photography, and I've now decided that it's finally time for me to blog about photography.

I will be archiving all the past writings on eating whole food, plant-based that are currently on this site. But they will not be lost. Over time, I plan to re-publish the most popular posts from here on The Art of Plant-Based Meal Creation site. And if you watch for my book that I'm working on, Twice the Man; Half the Weight, then you will find the best and most popular blog postings included in that book too.

I'm not going away. I'm just moving to a new site, and that requires some action on your part if you want to keep reading my blog postings on eating whole food, plant-based, and you don't want to read my thoughts on photography. If you do want to read my thoughts on photography, then stay subscribed here too.

Thank you for being my reader, and I hope you continue to be so at The Art of Plant-Based Meal Creation. And if you're a photographer, stay here too.

J Lanning Smith
Twice the Man; Half the Weight
March 14, 2019