Planning My Meals with the Blue Zones Meal Planner

I am currently testing a plant-based meal system being developed by a startup company, which I am not free to talk about right now. But in doing so, I have come to realize that I could have more variety and depth to my meals than sometimes just having beans and rice, a salad or my ole standby of colcannon. For that reason, and also because I'm investigating more in depth the Blue Zones communities for another project I'm working on that is in the planning stages, I decided to sign up for the Blue Zones meal planner service.
For years I have resisted meal planning services because I wanted to be in control of my own meal planning. But I was impressed with this one because 1) it is totally plant-based (there are no animal products in it), 2) it is based on foods that I want to include in my diet (I was able to list oils as a food I didn't want and the meal planning menus are accommodating for that) and 3) it is based on how much time I want to spend in the kitchen. You can have meals planned that take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour or more to prepare. You tell the system what your time limits are and it provides you the menus. I selected 10 minutes for preparing breakfast, 10 minutes for preparing lunches and 20 minutes for preparing dinners. And I'm happy with the selections they've developed for me. For each, on any given day, they give me three different meals that I can choose from (a total of nine different options on any given day). And of course, it provides the grocery list for purchasing the ingredients, as all meal planning services do.
Another good feature about the Blue Zones Meal Planner is you tell it how many people it is planning meals for. No more as a single person do I have to figure out a recipe written for a couple or for a family of four. Now, what Blue Zones gives me is a recipe for one. Of course, if family is coming to visit, I can go into the system and adjust it and ask for some meal selections for six people instead.
But the system is even more refined than that. Not only do I tell Blue Zones that I'm a single person but I also am able to tell Blue Zones how much I like to eat. I can choose to have recipes for a larger meal or for a standard-sized meal for one person. So, that accounts for the differences in eating styles that we might each have.
The other thing I like about it is, with some of the menus and recipes it provides, it also provides videos from Rouxbe Cooking School that help you with preparing the recipe. For example, with the loaded Mexican sweet potato (doesn't that just sound good?), there's two Rouxbe videos: one on pitting and slicing an avocado and the other on knife safety. Both videos are excellent and far superior to what you'll find on You Tube related to those subjects (in my humble opinion).
I took the classes at Rouxbe and have a certificate from them. It is an excellent school for learning to do plant-based cooking. I went through their Forks Over Knives cooking course. These videos in the Blue Zones meal planning program are from those Rouxbe courses.I'm also very impressed with the meals that they have come up with for me. And I would highly recommend it for any of my friends and acquaintances in the whole food, plant-based movement. And right now, Blue Zones is offering a discount to my friends who use the discount code BZ30JIM6836. Membership is either on a monthly basis or for a year at a time (for a substantial discount). I elected to take the full year, which can be cancelled at any time for a refund on unused portions of it. I seriously doubt that I will be cancelling it though. I really like this program.
If you sign up, be sure to enter the discount code BZ30JIM6836 at checkout.
Sign up for it by clicking here to go to the Blue Zones Meal Planner website.