Important Note to My Readers

Tonight, I separated out my global recipes that I'm developing for an eventual cookbook into another blog site, which can be accessed at The Art of Plant-Based Meal Creation. If you are currently subscribing to Finally Our Time or The WFPB Guy and you want to see the recipes I'm developing also, then you should go to The Art of Plant-Based Meal Creation and subscribe to that site as well.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, I am posting the recipe for a WFPB version of Chocolate Mousse on that site. Everybody who has ever tried that chocolate mousse loves it. Other recipes on that site are from Ethiopia (injera and red lentil stew), Ireland (colcannon), Vietnam (pickled mustard greens and carrots with soy curls) and Tibet (Thukpa).

I hope that you enjoy the recipes that you will find on that new site while also continuing to enjoy the blog postings about eating whole plant-based foods that I post here on this site. I will continue to tweet postings from both blog sites and I will be posting from both blog sites on Facebook and on Google Plus.

Thank you,
J Lanning Smith
February 10, 2017