Four New Recipes Just Posted

I've posted four new recipes to my other blogsite, The Art of Plant-Based Meal Creation, If you are currently subscribed to WFPB Guy (aka Finally Our Time) and you want to see my recipes going forward, then you should also subscribe to my new blog, The Art of Plant-Based Meal Creation. You can click here to be taken to that blog site. The four new recipes will be the top posting.

The four recipes are for a good all-American meal of BBQ soy curls (that your friends will think is chicken or pork), baked beans, mac 'n no cheese and cherry nice dream. I can't begin to tell you how many times I've served this recipe of soy curls to my non-vegan friends and had them ask me to leave them the leftovers. They all love it. And my grandchildren always ask me for the cherry nice dream. And they don't ask for something unless they really like it. So, this is a good and tasty but healthy whole food, plant-based meal that works for everybody.

I made it this past Saturday night to take to a friend's surprise birthday party, and I was astounded at how good everything came out. I hope you will find it to your liking as well.