A Change of Heart....

Since yesterday's posting in which I had mentioned that I was running out of inspiration for writing these blog posts, I've received numerous requests, some online but many made personally to me, that I not stop writing about eating the whole foods, plant-based way. It seems that my fan base is not just larger than I realized (yesterday's blog posting by the end of the day was read by just under 3,000 people online) but they are also more hungry for my writing than I ever imagined. Therefore, I have decided to keep writing my blog.

I also need to end any rumors that may be floating around that I had given up on the whole food, plant-based way of eating. That question came up tonight because of my mentioning yesterday about writing less and also because of a few other areas that I had recently scaled back from doing. But let me just say, those rumors are emphatically not true. Going whole foods, plant-based is probably one of the most important things that I've done in my life. And it has affected me in so many positive ways that I can say definitely that I would never give up on this way of eating.

In fact, I'm continuing to learn and to expand my knowledge in this arena. Tonight I was at the Seventh Day Adventist Supper Club on Hilton Head Island where Karen Holland did another fantastic job of teaching local residents how to cook whole foods, plant-based. Her demonstrations are always outstanding and her food is always delicious. As is usually the case when I go there, I learn new ways of preparing whole plant-based foods and delicious ways of serving them.

And speaking of learning to cook whole food, plant-based, next week I will be attending LeAnne Campbell's Global Roots Cooking Summit on the north end of Lake Lure just outside of Asheville, North Carolina. LeAnne is the author of The China Study Cookbook and The China Study All-Stars Cookbook. She is also the daughter of Dr. T. Colin Campbell who will be giving the welcoming talk on Sunday night to those of us attending. It's a small group attending (I think about twenty people or so) although it's open to anybody, and I believe there are still openings for it. You can check on that at Global Roots website if interested.

I'm looking forward to that summit because it will be given by several of our leading cookbook authors. Besides LeAnne, other cookbook authors include Del Stroufe (Forks Over Knives cookbooks) and Kim Campbell (PlantPure Nation cookbooks). There will also be several teachers from Dr. Neal Barnard's PCRM Food for Life cooking classes. Those credentials alone make this seem like a great opportunity to learn more about plant-based cooking.

But then I was talking on the phone with LeAnne Campbell last week and she was telling me that there would be somewhat of an international flare to it as well. She mentioned Ethiopian food as an example. That's always been one of my favorite ethnic foods. Back before going WFPB, when we lived in Washington, DC, there was a wonderful Ethiopian restaurant in the Adams-Morgan section of town that my wife and I loved to go to for some delicious nights out. So, I'm looking forward to revisiting that from the plant-based perspective now. She also mentioned that there will be several men at the summit next week, which is good. We need more men to be learning to cook and eat whole plant-based foods. It's not just a "woman thing" guys. It's for you too.

So, no, I haven't given up eating this way. As you can see, I'm making an effort to learn how to prepare even more meals this way. And I haven't really given up on being in leadership roles. This Saturday, I will be "manning" our club's table at our community's Club Fair, working to bring more people into our Eat Smart Live Longer Club. And two weeks later, I will be working as a volunteer at South Carolina's first ever VegFest on Hilton Head Island.

This is a way of life for me. And now I will commit myself to continue writing about it as well. It's gratifying to learn how much my writing is appreciated in this arena. Thank you, all of my readers, for that.