Guest Posting: The Answer I Didn't Want When I was sick and...

Today, my readers are in for a real treat. Lori Fryd is one of my favorite writers when it comes to writing about the whole foods, plant-based lifestyle. Her material is always original, entertaining and spot-on accurate. But to read her, you need to be a member of the McDougall Friends group on Facebook because that's where she writes.

This morning, however, I have the privilege of having been granted permission by her to republish a piece that she wrote in McDougall Friends. I found this piece to be exceptionally good, and one that really helps to explain the resistance that we can get from our own family and friends when it comes to adapting a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle. And we know it's true because I suspect most of us have gone through the same pathways described here by Ms. Fryd.

So, without further adieu, let's get into what she wrote. And thank you Lori for being my first guest blogger.

The Answer I Didn't Want When I was sick and....
Lori Fryd

The Answer I Didn't Want: When I was sick and overweight and sedentary, I wanted to feel better. Even though most of the time, I kept myself in a comforting haze of delusion and denial, deep down I knew that things were not as they should be. I had no energy and no interest in anything except perhaps movies and SAD foods which allowed me to escape more and more from the reality of what I was doing to myself. I was sick in mind, body and spirit. Nothing was working anymore. I needed help. 

But, most of all - I needed an answer. 

What had gone so drastically and dramatically wrong and what was going to fix me? 

About 8 years prior, I had picked up John Robbins' classic book, "Diet For A New America" and after about three or four chapters, I promptly put it back down again. It wasn't true. It couldn't be true. It was all too horrible to be true. I didn't want to know. 

About 5 years prior to that, I had picked up Annemarie Colbin's amazing book, "Food and Healing" and after about five or six chapters and a few feeble attempts, I put it back onto the shelf. It was too hard. It was too extreme. I would miss all my favorite foods. I didn't want to know. 

Somewhere in between, I had picked up Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn's seminal work, "Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease." No oil? No meat? No dairy? What was left? I didn't want to know. 

Here's the bitter truth: The answer had been knocking on my door for at least a decade before I finally relented and let it in. It's not that I couldn't find the information and it's not that I couldn't understand the information and it's not even that I didn't believe the information - it's that I just didn't want to know...because to know would mean to make the connection and to take responsibility and to devote myself to a new lifestyle. To know the answer would mean making monumental changes in my life and that would be hard and it would be a lot of work and I wouldn't get to eat the yummy stuff I loved. 

So, the answer sat on my bookshelves for years gathering dust. The answer was on YouTube channels I never frequented because I was too busy dulling myself with mindless chatter and distraction. The answer was in my own logic and reasoning and good common sense, but I refused to put the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together because I didn't want to face up to what knowing the answer would mean for my life. 

If I ruled the world and could command the way things are, I would probably have chosen a different answer so that I could indulge in all the things I used to love and still be strong and well and healthy. I took the easy way out for many years because I didn't like the answer. It was only when the "easy" way became so unimaginably hard that I allowed the answer to speak to me in one loud forceful voice whether I felt like hearing it or not - because that answer was the truth and could no longer be denied. 

The answer I didn't want has given me back my smile and enjoyment of the world. 

The answer I didn't want has given me purpose, direction, meaning and, most of all, health. 

The answer I didn't want has given me everything I ever wanted. 

Love, Lori

Reprinted with permission by Lori Fryd