Plant Pure Nation Is About to be Released

Last night, I had the privilege of seeing the final version of Plant Pure Nation that is being released nationwide on July 4th. Some of my readers may recall my blog posting about this after seeing an earlier version of it on the Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise this part March. While I was very enthusiastic about this Forks Over Knives follow-on back then, I'm even more excited about it now. The final version has turned out to be an excellent documentary and one that I recommend all my readers see.

But it's not just a movie. This documentary is actually the beginning of something much bigger. The idea behind it is to actually create a plant pure nation by building pods all across the country. These pods will be active communities where people learn to eat whole plant-based foods and they can support each other in doing so. I think doing so is so important to the success of our way of eating. Seeing this movie and learning more about how to build pods in our local areas is an important step toward our own individual success and to the success within our local areas.

I was fortunate when I started eating this way because we had a local club of over 600 paying members who were all working to eat a whole food plant-based diet. That club, the Eat Smart Live Longer Club in Sun City Hilton Head is getting stronger every day. I owe a big debt of gratitude to the three sisters (Karen Heitman, Leslie Haas and Mary Lou Beavers) who started the club. Without it, I doubt that I ever would have gotten as far as I have. Having a club in the local area provides a lot of needed support to people. It's very difficult to go it alone.

For that reason, I like what Nelson Campbell is doing with Plant Pure Nation. He has a vision of getting people together and helping people to learn to eat a whole foods, plant-based diet. And he has a vision of taking it forward nationally but on a local level. That's what Plant Pure Nation is all about, or at least that's what I see it being all about.

Of course, it can't be done without volunteers. It will take lots and lots of volunteers. And people who read my blog are perfect candidates. You've been doing this. You get it. And that's why I want to encourage you to get involved. Go see the movie. And when the call goes out for volunteers to help get pods set up and functioning, please do so. The health of others depends on it. And it will help you in so many ways too because by having a pod in your area, you will receive support and information that you wouldn't get otherwise.

So, I'm all behind this. Let's get out and build a Plant Pure Nation! The time is right for it.