Food for Life Classes

Here in Sun City Hilton Head, we are getting ready to do some new Food for Life classes that are sponsored by the Physicians' Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) as well as by our local community's Health and Wellness Department. My friend and vice president of the local Eat Smart Live Longer Club, Leslie Haas will be teaching these classes. She has been certified by PCRM to do so. The classes focus on both cooking nutritious whole food, plant-based meals and receiving solid nutritional information at the same time. Three classes are in the lineup here in SCHH right now. They are the Kickstart Your Health series being offered in August, the Cancer series in October and the Diabetes series in December.

PCRM offers these classes nationwide. People in other areas who are interested in learning to cook whole food, plant-based meals can find these classes by going to the PCRM website. Local Sun City residents can find information about the classes, including how to sign up for them, on page 23 of the July issue of SunSations.

These classes are excellent for people who want to learn how to cook good meals as they get started on a whole food, plant-based diet. I've personally made and tasted most of the recipes demonstrated during these classes. And I can personally attest to the fact that there's some excellent ones. I'm thinking in particular of the chocolate mousse that you would never guess was made with tofu. Or the gingered cantaloupe. There are many, many excellent recipes that are easily made and all taught in these classes.

And they're all healthy too. None of the recipes use animal products. There's no dairy involved. There's no oil involved. And did I say how easy they are to make?

But it's not just people new to the WFPB way of eating who will find these classes of benefit. Those who have been doing it for a while but finding themselves in a rut can also benefit. Not only are key health points reiterated, but students learn new recipes and they can actually watch those recipes being cooked in front of them. And of course, students get to sample the food that is made during the class.

I encourage my readers to seek out these classes in your local areas. I believe they are very valuable. And here in my community, I am looking forward to the start of new classes the first Monday in August.

Disclosure: I do assist Leslie with the Food for Life classes in my local community, But in doing so, that has made me a believer in the benefits that these classes offer. And that's why I suggest that my readers consider taking the Food for Life classes no matter where they are in the country. I have no affiliation at all with PCRM, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.