Update on Food = Medicine Conference

In April, I wrote about the upcoming Food=Medicine conference in Atlanta that's coming this November. This is an exciting conference that features many of the whole food, plant-based guru doctors, chefs and professionals all in one place. As soon as I heard about it, I signed up for it.

Today, I wanted to remind my readers about it because I've been told that the early bird discount may not be in place much longer. Right now, if a person signs up for the conference, that person can use the discount code of EATSMART and get $250 off of the conference price. That brings the conference cost down to $499. But if the early bird discount goes away, then the EATSMART code will only net a person $150 off (for a total conference price of $599).

So, I wanted to mention that for those who may be procrastinating about going. I believe that it's going to be a very well-attended conference. And the lineup of speakers is fantastic. Again that lineup includes:
  • Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn 
  • Dr. Michael Greger
  • Dr. Thomas Campbell
  • Lindsay Nixon, aka The Happy Herbivore
  • Ann and Jane Esselstyn
  • Chef AJ
  • Nelson Campbell
  • Dr. Richard A. Oppenlander
  • Dr. Kim Williams
  • Dr. Terry Mason
  • Dr. Alan Goldhamer
  • John Pierre
  • Rich Roll
  • Dr. Robert Ostfeld
  • Dr. Baxter Montgomery
If ever there was a "gold standard" conference for the whole food, plant-based community, I think this would be it. I look forward to seeing many of you there. And with the EATSMART discount code and the early bird discount, the conference fee right now is cut by a third. To me, that's a real win-win.