The Food=Medicine Conference Discount Code

I'm excited in recent days by the announcement of the Food=Medicine conference to be held in Atlanta starting Friday November 13th and concluding on Sunday afternoon November 15th. I think this conference has the potential to be as big as the recent "vegan cruise" that I went on. But what's really nice is that it's more accessible and more affordable for many people. It's only three days as opposed to seven days, and by booking early and using a special discount code (EATSMART), attendees can get $250 off on the price of the conference. That brings the conference registration down to $499, and in addition to a great lineup of speakers, that fee also includes all meals.

So, who are the speakers. Well, check this out. Speakers include:

  • Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn 
  • Dr. Michael Greger
  • Dr. Thomas Campbell
  • Lindsay Nixon, aka The Happy Herbivore
  • Ann and Jane Esselstyn
  • Chef AJ
  • Nelson Campbell
  • Dr. Richard A. Oppenlander
  • Dr. Kim Williams
  • Dr. Terry Mason
  • Dr. Alan Goldhamer
  • John Pierre
  • Richard Roll
  • Dr. Robert Ostfeld
  • Dr. Baxter Montgomery
When I saw this lineup and the agenda for the conference, I signed up immediately. I plan to attend the conference and to stay at the hotel which is offering a special rate of $119 per night plus tax. It's a great way to hear some really good lectures, mingle with the gurus of the whole food, plant-based lifestyle and to network and meet others of like mindedness.

I signed up for the conference at the Food=Medicine website, which can be accessed by clicking here and then clicking on the Tickets tab. By signing up now, there is a $100 early bird discount for registration. But by also using the EATSMART code, you will also get an additional $150 discount off of the conference registration, for a total discount of $250. To do so, you will need to click on the "Add Discount" button and then enter the EATSMART code on the pricing page before submitting your registration.

I hope to see you there.