Nine Burger Patties...Why Not Eight or Ten?

Habit 5 in the The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People is to "Seek first to understand, then to be understood." It's a principle that I try to live by although I don't always succeed at it.

Today's local newspaper brought home my inability to always put that into practice. Even as a former meat eater with a gluttonous appetite at times, I don't think I could have ever understood this one.

The front page story, below the fold, in our local newspaper is that a new burger place is opening in town. It's apparently a chain that focuses on freshly-made ingredients. In fact, the paper puts it in the same league as Chipotle Mexican Grill when it comes to using fresh ingredients. But that, and the fact that both restaurants are fast food oriented, is probably where the comparisons might stop.

At this new place in town, the newspaper reporter writes, "Customers will likely be attracted by the triple-triple burger, a behometh of nine hamburger patties and slices of American cheese." See why the comparisons with Chipotle might stop? Can you imagine Chipotle putting the ingredients of nine burritos in one humongous tortilla shell? No, me neither.

But a hamburger that has nine hamburger patties in it and nine slices of good old American cheese (is that even cheese?) --- that's just what we've all been waiting for, right? I can already feel my heart pumping harder.

But at least, according to the picture shown, there's no bun or bread in between the hamburger patties, so low carb dieters can rejoice. And for us veggie lovers, there's one slice of tomato and a slice of lettuce on the top patty. What? You want more! Actually, the chain plans to sell veggie burgers too. So, we may be able to go in and get a nine patty high veggie burger as well. LOL!

I'm not sure how you get your mouth around it (or why you'd get your mouth around it), but it must be possible. And if you need something to wash it down as you eat, you can also order one of the restaurant's hand-dipped milkshakes.

But I'm interested in the question: Why nine patties? Why not ten or eight? How did they come up with nine hamburger patties as being the ideal in culinary delight among fast food hamburger eaters?

For example, what does that ninth patty offer that you couldn't get with maybe just eight patties? The restaurant must have figured that out because it costs money to add that ninth burger patty. Are nine patties needed to bring about satiation? Is there an extra oomph of taste in adding that ninth patty? And if you do get more taste, then why not go with ten patties and make the burger even tastier? I just don't get it.

It used to be that a triple patty burger was the epitome for a burger lover? That was especially true if you added some bacon on to the three patties, along with cheese of course. But nine burger patties! That really takes things to a whole new level.

On a side note, I just moved more of my retirement funds into the Vanguard Health Care mutual fund. I'm thinking that the medical industry and the pharmaceutical industry are going to be big, ever growing businesses in our country for a very long time into the future. Any resemblance between my investment moves and America's new-found appetite for nine patty cheeseburgers is purely coincidental.