We Still Need Health Insurance

This afternoon, I noticed a posting online where it was suggested that those of us on a whole food, plant-based diet don't need health insurance. That is absolutely not true, and I thought it important enough to address in a blog posting.

I'll start by mentioning a friend of mine who was in a terrible automobile accident a couple years ago. An oncoming driver slammed head on into his car, with both cars traveling over 50 miles per hour. He was lucky to have lived through the incident. But he did, and he ended up being helicoptered to the hospital, where he spent the next couple of months of his life. Since then, he has also had to have repeat trips back to the hospital as well as the doctor and the rehab facilities.

Medical bills? You might think in the range of almost a million dollars. Was he covered by the other driver's insurance or even his own car insurance? Partially. The fact is, his medical insurance played an important role in the whole situation.

The same thing happened to my cousin several years ago. He was hit by another driver several years ago and ended up in the emergency room and eventually in a wheelchair for a long period of time.

Those are a couple of real life examples of why medical insurance is so important. You could be out bicycling and take a terrible tumble that breaks bones and messes you up. I once fell head over heals in my own house and almost ended up in the hospital. The fact is, accidents happen even to people who are on a whole food, plant-based diet.

But beyond accidents, while the whole food plant-based diet is strongly protective, it is not full proof. When you read a statistic from a study that shows a greater percentage of people on a whole food, plant-based diet are not getting cancer or heart disease or diabetes than those on the standard American diet, remember one thing --- unless that statistic is 100%, which it never is except on very small studies, then there are in fact a percentage of people on the whole food, plant-based diet who are getting sick. It may be a small number, but it is still possible.

I personally have a high deductible health insurance policy. That's because I do believe in the whole food, plant-based diet and I'm banking on staying healthy. But even so, I recognize that I can still have major medical expenses in the future, and I want insurance to cover those possibilities. The whole food, plant-based diet will not save a person from every medical possibility. So, at a minimum, I would think a high deductible health insurance policy would be appropriate.