A Christmas Gift Idea and a Great Way to Start 2015

I don't normally advertise on this site, and today's posting is not an advertisement. But I do have a Christmas gift suggestion for a specific product and a suggestion for getting 2015 off to a good start. I really do believe in this product, and unlike some radio commentators, I am not being paid to say that. In fact, no one has even suggested that I say what I want to say this morning.

I've written before that if we are following a whole food, plant-based diet but still using household cleaning products full of unknown chemicals, then we could be defeating some of the health benefits from doing the whole food, plant-based diet. For me, the next step is in becoming chemical-free. I'm not all the way there right now. I still have a pest control company that sprays insecticide in and around the house. That contract goes until September, and I plan to investigate other options before it runs out. And I'm still figuring out what I should and should not use on my body, in terms of soaps, hair sprays, etc. Maybe that's too extreme to worry about, but in today's world of so many cancer deaths, I'm kind of doubting that it is.

Anyway, my friend, Leslie Haas introduced me to Norwex products for cleaning around the house. All she did was show me what she uses and how it works. The products were expensive though. I told her I'd talk to her next time I'm in the market for a $20 rag, figuring of course that I never would be. And actually, $20 was an exaggeration. It was an easy round number to cite.

But when I started getting concerned about the chemicals I was using, I decided to give the Norwex products a try. So, I placed an order for some Enviro cloths, the veggie scrub cloth and a mop. When the products came and I began cleaning with them, I was absolutely amazed. Not only was it so easy to clean with nothing but water and the cloths, but the things I cleaned ended up cleaner than I had ever gotten them before.

This morning I placed my third order for a couple more items from Norwex. I am totally sold on their products. And while the initial cost is pricey, I think the long-term costs are much more in line with cleaning costs in general. That's because all that I'm using is water. I'm not buying any chemicals at all now -- at least not for household cleaning purposes. With a newborn granddaughter on the way, that gives me a few less items that need to be locked up or out of the baby's reach. I'm imagining a house that is baby-friendly without even needing to try and do so -- now that I'm not using chemical products and not taking medications.

So, if you're looking for a good Christmas present to get your friends, I would recommend the Norwex veggie scrub cloth. It's the first product that I've felt that really gets vegetables clean. I find it really works well on carrots, which are hard to clean because the dirt gets in the grooves of the carrot. With the Norwex veggie scrub cloth though, cleaning carrots is a breeze.

And for getting started in to 2015 on eliminating chemicals, I recommend buying at least two of the Norwex Enviro Cloths -- one for dry cleaning and one for wet cleaning. I have four now myself because I like to have separate cloths for the bathroom and the kitchen. They come in four different colors, so it's easy to keep track of which ones belong where.

Norwex products can be ordered at Leslie Haas' site at http://www.norwex.biz/pws/lesliehaas/tabs/home.aspx

She did not ask me to post this, and she does not know that I am posting this. But Leslie is the source of my knowledge about Norwex, and if you're hearing about it for the first time from me, then she is the source of your knowledge as well. It seems only right that we place our orders through her website. And even though we're doing so, Norwex will still ask if you want to find a sales associate. Just put in her name and then select one of the three dates that the website will ask you for. And that's all there is to it.

Remember, it's for our health. It's a great complement to our way of eating.