Ice Buckets, Pink Ribbons and Marching Dimes

I'm a skeptic of organizations that collect donations for one disease or another. I've supported my fair share of those organizations over the years, and while I think they can do good, I'm still waiting to hear about the first person whose cancer has been turned around because of the work done by one those organizations.

To me, there's a better way for us as individuals to fight those diseases, and any regular reader of my blog likely knows what I'm going to say that better way is. It's to eat a no oil, plant-based whole foods diet of course. And yet, while we will donate to an organization to fight cancer, we will recoil at the very idea of eating nothing but plant foods. Why is that?

Perhaps, we don't really believe that plant food has that much power. If that's the case, we need to educate ourselves more. Plants and plant foods have been used since ancient history days to cure and prevent diseases. Take aspirin for example. It's kind of an all-purpose medicine. But the ingredient that is in aspirin comes from trees like the willow tree and the myrtle trees. In 30 A.D., physicians in the Greek and Roman empires were using the willow leaf to treat cases of inflammation.

Perhaps we say that we have to die of something so what's the point in not eating the things we love to eat. That's a valid point until we realize that most of us don't have to die of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity or any other disease that is potentially avoidable for most people. And we know that those diseases are avoidable because non-western civilizations don't have those diseases, but when people from those cultures come to our country, then they start getting those diseases. Recent studies have found that people over the age of 100 don't die of those kind of diseases either. In other words, dying in old age does not mean dying from one of those diseases. Those diseases actually cut life short by some 20 to 30 years. We're so used to thinking in terms of life spans of 70 or 80 years. But people who don't get one of those "western diseases," actually have much longer life spans.

Perhaps it doesn't make sense to us that food from plants can turn on or turn off a cancer gene. But do we ever stop to think that medicines themselves come from plants? Why do we rely on plants that some pharmaceutical company has ground up into a pill, but we don't believe in just eating the plant itself?

So, go ahead and dump the ice water on your head. Wear pink ribbons, as have I. Have a walking marathon. Those are all for good causes. But, in the end, let's recognize that our real power as individuals to affect not only our own health, but the health of the planet, is to begin to eat more plant foods. It's just that simple!