The Manly Man Eats Veggies...Lots and Lots of Veggies

Recently, one of my neighbors mentioned to me that his cardiologist told him that getting a heart stent was just a normal part of aging, no different than getting wrinkles and white hair. I don't know that many people would agree with that statement, but I do know that many men think of a couple of other manly problems, things like erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer, as being a normal part of aging.

Well, I'm here to tell you, based on my own experiences from eating a whole foods plant-based diet, that those manly problems are not a natural part of aging. They are without any doubt in my mind a function of diet. According to doctors, they are also a "canary in the coal mine" warning to a man of impending coronary disease in the case of erectile function or cancer in the case of an enlarged prostate. Either one of those situations can be devastating, and yet many men beyond a certain age live with both of them and look at them as nothing more than a natural part of the aging process. And the pharmaceutical industry and the medical industry profit immensely from that.

Let me tell you about my own experience with a growing prostate. About five or six years ago, I reached a point where urinating became particularly difficult. Without going into a lurid description of that, I'll just say that sometimes I would stand at the toilet or the urinal and it would take as long as 10 minutes or more to completely empty my bladder. It would come in stops and starts.

Being that I'm a man, I didn't go to the doctor for the longest time after this began happening. But eventually I did go, and the doctor prescribed tamsulosin for me (also known as Flomax). That helped for a while, but eventually it started getting worse for me again. So, then the doctor added to the tamsulosin prescription with a prescription for finasteride. He said that the finasteride would shrink my prostate. I guess that makes sense because when I looked the drug up online, I discovered that it's one used in sex change operations. So, now the doctor had me taking a drug that had the ability to turn me into a woman!

And that too worked for a while. But after a while, and after more problems, the doctor upped my dose of tamsulosin to two pills a day, one in the morning and one at night. And if I ever forgot to take one of my pills, I would know it. I would get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, and nothing would come out. And yet I would have a full bladder. In every case when that happened, I would look in my daily pill minder, something I no longer need by the way, and I would see that I had forgotten to take my tamsulosin before going to bed.

I used to be really nervous about traveling. The worst thing I could do would be to go out of town and forget to take my prescription meds with me. It would mean that I wouldn't be able to pee. And I didn't know what would happen then. But to make sure that didn't happen, I would have lots of reminders for myself to make sure that I took my prostate meds with me, along with my many other assorted pills.

But then about six months into the whole foods, plant-based diet, I went to take my tamsulosin and finasteride one morning and discovered that I had missed taking several doses in a row. And I hadn't noticed any problems when urinating. I could not believe that, but I was elated over that. I decided to see how long I could go without taking either medication.

That was in early May, almost three months ago, and I've yet to take one of those prescription drugs (or any other pill for that matter). I still worry about traveling, so I take the bottles with me when I travel --- just in case the problem reoccurs. But I also feel pretty certain that it won't. From everything I can tell, I've shrunk my prostate back down to a normal size.

And I no longer have to take a drug that's used to turn a man into a woman. Not that there's anything wrong with that if that's what a person wants to do, it's just not what I want to do.