The Fountain of Youth

In school, we all learn about the legend of Ponce de Leon and the Fountain of Youth. Our teachers of course tell us that there's no such thing. It was a myth. We only get older.

And yet, that's not how I feel at all. I actually feel as if I am getting younger. Maybe it's psychological, but I've talked to others who follow a low fat, whole foods, plant-based diet, and they tell me they have the same feeling. We don't talk about it, but that doesn't mean it isn't real. It may not be a fountain, but I definitely feel as though I've discovered the secret to becoming and feeling younger.

Of course we all do grow older and we all do eventually die. There's nothing about the WFPB diet that changes that. And we know it. But there's also no doubt that it helps us to feel and be younger. It helps us to stay active and to suffer less from disease. While disease may not always be eliminated, its effects can be mitigated. A good example is my recent cold. It lasted all of two days. Previous colds like that would have knocked me out for weeks.

So, while chronologically I may not be getting younger, I do feel younger and have greater energy. And who could possibly ask for more?