Healing Cancer

Probably my single biggest motivation for going on the whole foods, plant-based diet was the experience last year that I had in the months before my wife passed away. She went into the hospital on April 7 after taking a fall in the grocery store in Savannah. It was her fourth fall in less than 24 hours. She had fallen out of bed three times the night before. We knew something was wrong, but we didn't know what.

She had hurt her ribs badly during the grocery store fall, and we decided to take her to the emergency room at Memorial University Hospital in Savannah. Before the night was over, she was found through a cat scan to have a very large mass in her brain. By the break of dawn, she had an oncologist, a neurosurgeon and a radiation doctor. And thus began a nightmarish scenario of going into surgery twice, being diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism once, receiving radiation and chemotherapy, going in and out of Rehab and eventually losing her life to an infection that she couldn't fight because the chemotherapy had reduced her white blood cell count to negligible levels.

Through it all, I came to realize that modern medicine didn't have all the answers and that in fact, in my wife's case at least, modern medicine may have been at least partly to blame for her dying when she did. I can't help wondering if she hadn't received the chemotherapy and the radiation would she have lived longer? And if she did live longer would she have suffered less than she did undergoing all the tests and treatments and exercises that the hospital put her through?

I don't have the answers to all those questions, but I did come away with the feeling that there must be a better way. I resolved that in the same situation, I would opt for hospice care over hospital care. The truth as I saw it was that the medical treatment my wife received made her feel more sick and instead of healing her, it seemed to create an even greater need for more medical care. And then eventually, she died from the side effects of the chemotherapy.

The other day, thanks to recommended viewing by a group in Savannah called Heartbeats for Life - GA, I watched a video titled Healing Cancer From Inside Out. That video had a profound effect on me. It was in two parts with the first part providing facts and information about cancer and medical treatment of cancer. For me, it affirmed everything I saw and felt with my wife's ordeal in the hospital. Some might question what the video is saying, and that's healthy, but after having the experience of firsthand involvement with my wife's cancer care, I felt the video was in line with my current thinking.

And basically, the video suggests that there is a better way. Now hold on to your socks because you're probably going to doubt this. Last year at this time, I would have doubted it for sure. I would have laughed if anybody suggested that we could treat and reverse cancer through a whole foods, plant-based diet. And yet, as demonstrated in the video, there is a hospital in Tijuana, Mexico that is doing just that. It's called the Gerson Institute. And I've come to the conclusion, after watching this video and after experiencing how the medical field treats cancer, that if I ever get cancer, the Gerson Institute is most likely where I would want to go.

Even if the therapy at the Gerson Institute didn't work, I think it would be preferable to the hospital with its surgeries, chemotherapies and radiation treatments. Even if I lived no longer at the Gerson Institute than I would have in the hospital, I think I would live more comfortably and I would look forward to a day of joy and sunshine as opposed to a day of needles and IV lines.

Of course, the best medicine is preventive medicine, and that's what is so great about the whole foods, plant-based diet. We can help our bodies to prevent devastating "western" diseases by eating properly and maintaining good immune systems. Along those lines, I've seen major improvements in my immune system. Colds that used to last for weeks now go away within a day or two --- not to mention the fact that I seldom get colds now; whereas, I used to get them frequently.

I don't expect to create any sudden converts here. Like I said, I would have scoffed at this a year ago. And without my personal experiences, watching the video may not affect you or others the same way it did me. But I feel like I've had quite an education this past year, and this video really confirmed for me the validity of what I've learned.