A Time for Change

As I grow in my whole foods, plant-based eating lifestyle, as well as in my writing interests, I'm finding that the time has come to make some changes in the various communication channels that I'm using.

The original intent of this blog was for me to write about my experiences in following a whole foods, plant-based diet. I have largely done so by posting pictures of foods I've been eating, menus that I've developed or used, luncheons that I've attended, restaurants that I've visited, etc. However, as I mature in my diet and in my interests, I'm now ready to move beyond that.

I currently write on and manage three different online venues. Following is a bullet on each venue, and what it's purpose will be going forward:

  • My blog at www.finallyourtime.com. This blog will move from postings about how I've been eating to being one of essays about staying healthy, both through a whole foods, plant-based diet and through exercising. Postings will also include essays on topics such as how our dietary patterns affect the health of the planet, sustainability issues, the growth of the meat industry, fast food issues, the need to get moving, etc. Most existing tabs will be taken down, and some new tabs that I'm contemplating will include "Sustainability" and "How the World Eats."
  • My Website at wholeplantfoodsdietguidelines.com will continue to provide the basics for a whole foods, plant-based diet. It also includes references to books that can help a person learn more. Under the "Finding Help" tab, it provides resources for locating restaurants, stores, farmer's markets, etc. in the reader's specific locale. And there is a tab called "In the News" that helps the reader to stay up with the latest research and other information related to the whole foods, plant-based dieting lifestyle.
  • My Facebook page at Seniors Eating Green. If I post anything about what I'm eating or where I'm eating, this is where it will be. I will also share information here from other Facebook pages as well. However, it has always been my hope that this site would be less about me and more of a discussion group where people can freely discuss whatever they want to about eating a whole foods, plant-based diet. I don't know if this Facebook page will ever get there, but that's my hope.
And there you have it. Those are the changes that are coming. They won't happen all at once, but they will start to occur. This posting is the beginning of that change. Hopefully, my readers will stay with me as we all learn to eat healthier and to bring about healthy changes for everyone. I believe that in the end, this blog will be much more interesting. My Facebook page can also become much more interesting. And my website can provide the essential information that everyone needs to know to follow one of three healthy dietary lifestyles.