Avoiding the Cheese at Giuseppi's

It was difficult. I ordered a salad, which was described on the menu as a garden salad made with fresh mushroom, green pepper, black olive and onion. Do you see any cheese in the list of ingredients? Me neither. And yet when my salad came, it was loaded with cheese shreds throughout. I scraped the cheese off as much as I could, and they did offer to replace the salad. In fact, the restaurant was very accommodating about it, but the lesson here for me was to be sure and ask when ordering.

I was there with our Veg Group from the Eat Smart, Live Longer Club and one of our club members ordered a veggie pizza without cheese to go.

That does look good, doesn't it. Of course, pizza is the specialty here at Giuseppi's in Bluffton.

One of our group ordered the Veggie Weggie. That's pizza crust folded over fresh mushroom, roasted red pepper, artichoke, broccoli, lettuce, tomato, red onion and Greek vinaigrette. I'll bet you don't see any cheese in that list of ingredients either, which is right from the menu. And yet, when it came, there was cheese inside of it. Again, the restaurant was very accommodating, and in fact, the above pizza was complimentary because of the added cheeses in our food.

The final order that we had was for spaghetti with marinara cheese. That patron dodged the bullet. There was no cheese added to that order.

 We thought before we went that Giuseppi's would be a challenge for our whole foods, plant strong diets. But it wasn't too difficult as long as we could avoid the cheese. That seemed to be the biggest challenge of the day.