A Dinner of Whole, Plant-Based Foods and a Little Salmon

Some people will agree with this, and some people won't. But I've made a decision that what's best for me is to add some fish back into my diet. But in doing so, I find it extremely important to make sure that the plant-based portion of my meals dwarfs the fish portion of my meals.

For example, tonight I had 3 ounces of salmon, but I had two plates of plant-based foods along with it.

And for those nights when I choose to have salmon or fish, as I did tonight, I plan to also make a special effort to ensure that I can still say that the meal is plant-based. Here, there are two plates, both of which I ate tonight. One is the cooked plate and includes asparagus, brown and wild rice topped with cooked salsa, a large leaf of green chard with the stem removed and a 3 oz. piece of coho salmon.

On the raw plate are cherry tomatoes, radishes, orange peppers and carrots.

I believe that eating a wide variety of different vegetables of different colors and to include dark leafy green vegetables like the chard, both cooked and raw, is the secret to good health. And with the EPA and DHA omega-3s that are in salmon, I believe that also contributed to a healthy meal tonight.

Regarding the eating of fish, I believe there are good healthy reasons to eat fish, and there are good healthy reasons to not eat fish. There are also sustainability issues associated with eating fish. And of course, there are economic reasons to not eat fish. In the end, it comes down to a benefits versus the risk evaluation, and where each person falls on that scale, is an individual decision.

I'm not advocating that anybody eat fish. But if a person does choose to eat fish, I would advocate that their dinner plates look something like the above --- with a ton of different kinds of vegetables of all different colors, including dark leafy green vegetables, and both raw and cooked vegetables. With that, it's hard to go wrong.