Thai Food in Atlanta

Tonight, I'm out by Atlanta's Hartsville International Airport and went to Thai Heaven on Virginia Avenue for dinner. While not called out separately, they have an extensive menu for the person trying to stay on a whole foods, vegetarian diet.

Dinner started with a Seaweed Salad ordered from the Sushi menu.

Besides tasting very good, seaweed is a good food for vegans (and other people) to eat. One reason for eating seaweed is that it's full of iodine. That's particularly important for our thyroids and for those not using iodized salt, seaweed can be particularly important. Caution --- While we all need a minimal amount of iodine, it's also possible to get too much, and that can adversely affect the thyroid too.

Next, I had the Basil Eggplant.

This contained eggplant, basil, tofu, green beans, onions, red bell peppers and green bell peppers. It was very enjoyable and very satisfying.

Looking at the menu, all dishes appear to be able to be served with meat or with just a wide variety of vegetables. Of course, I go for the dishes that are all vegetables.