Progress After Three Months

It's been a little over three months since I started the whole foods, plant-based diet. And I can count on one hand the number of times that I deviated from the diet. The number is four to be exact. First, I did have a slice of beef at the Theater Club's annual dinner dance in December. Second, on Christmas morning I had a slice of bacon. Third, for Christmas dinner I had a nice big juicy ribeye steak, which by the way I could not finish (that was a first). And fourth, I had a piece of salmon one night while in Atlanta on business. And that's it! The rest of the time, I've eaten nothing but a plant-based diet.

So, has it made a difference? Yes it has. Here's the biggest changes that I've noticed:

  • Weight lost in 3 months equals 40 pounds
  • Waist size reduced by 8 inches
  • Lower back pain, which could be excruciating at times, is now gone
  • Acid reflux, which would often wake me up at night with my throat burning, is now gone
  • Painful leg cramps that would cause me to jump up in the middle of the night are now also gone
  • My energy level is way up from what it was

Now I know that it's possible to lose weight on just about any diet that you do, including a junk food diet. And weight loss, even on a junk food diet will lower cholesterol levels and give a person more energy. But some of the other changes are not probable on a junk food diet. Acid reflux comes from high levels of fat in your food. Leg cramps come from electrolyte imbalances, which are more likely the more unnatural foods are eaten. Plus a junk food diet is hard to sustain at lower calorie levels. Eating 1,800 calories of junk food a day would leave most of us hungry and wanting more. And because food manufacturers design junk food to get us to eat more, we would want to continue eating it even if we weren't hungry. So, for me and for most people that's not a viable option.

My meals now always satisfy me. I hardly ever get hungry between meals. In fact, I'm still learning to not buy too much. Quite often, the food will start to spoil before I can eat all that I've bought. But also, my meals are never boring. They are flavorful, colorful and interesting.

So, I'm only in three months so far, but I know this is the diet for me. The results I've seen have been nothing short of amazing. I do admit there's much that we don't know about nutrition though. But I also know that doctors and nutritionists all say to eat more veggies, fruits and whole grains. So, it seems like eating a wide variety of those items can't exactly be bad for a person.

So, I'll keep on plugging along.