Jim's Plant-Based Pizza Bagels

Today, I got the idea to use some of the leftover veggies from making the lasagna this past weekend to make a pizza bagel that was totally a whole food, plant-based lunch.

I had whole wheat bagels. So, I started with those and added ketchup for a base.

Many people might choose pasta sauce for the base, but I decided to go with ketchup because it doesn't have all the oil in it that pasta sauce has. And the vinegar in ketchup gives it a nice flavor. This particular ketchup that I used, Annie's has no sugar added.

Then I added the vegetables.

These veggies were sauteed in vegetable stock and they include chopped up onion, garlic, mushrooms, broccoli, corn, red peppers and crumbled tofu. This is one lunch you won't need to add a salad too, although a little salad never hurt anybody.

The final step was to add nutritional yeast on top to provide a little cheesiness to it. And then I dropped it in the microwave for one minute and then enjoyed.