Eating Vegetarian at Frankie Bones

Today, my VEG group from the Eat Smart, Live Longer Club ate lunch at Frankie Bones on Hilton Head Island.

Lunch was very good today, especially given the price we paid for it. By using the SERG Club VIP Passports, we were able to pay only 50% for each of our meals. My total lunch with tip and tax included was less than $8. I had the Spaghetti Squash Primavera, which was very tasty. It had plenty of flavor. Here's a look at three vegetarian items we found and ordered on the menu:

Spaghetti Squash Primavera

Two of us ordered this dish consisting of spaghetti squash, spinach, pine nuts, toasted pumpkin seeds, mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, herbs and julienne vegetables (carrots, zuchinni, etc.) in a light vegetable broth. Here's a photo of that.

Portabella Sandwich (without the cheese)

Three people ordered this sandwich, which included balsamic marinated portabella mushroom cap, grilled eggplant, fresh baby spinach, and chipolte-avocado spread on a multi-grain bun. Here's a picture of that:

Note that they were able to order it with fruit instead of fries. All they had to do was ask. Everyone who ordered this agreed that they really enjoyed it.

Strawberry Walnut Salad

One person ordered this salad, which included fresh strawberries, mandarin oranges, walnuts, red onion and mixed greens with honey poppyseed dressing.

All in all, we had a great lunch. We met each other and made new friends, and we learned that we could eat a plant-strong diet in a nice restaurant.