Defining the Whole Foods, Mostly Vegetarian Nutrient-Rich Diet

Reading more has taken me off the reservation some. Definitely believe in Michael Pollan's admonition to "eat food, mostly plants, not too much" And I do worry about fixing what isn't broken. I've lost 35 pounds following a mostly "vegan" lifestyle.

But I'm now convinced that some animal products are necessary in a diet for good health. And health is the reason I started eating this way -- not weight loss

  • I've lost weight and felt good on both low carb and vegan diets. How can that be? I think I've found the answer (to go into in another blog posting) --- it's not what you eat that causes you to lose the weight; it's what both diets give up --- enriched flours, etc.
  • Vegans do not live longer than other healthy eaters
  • My own mother -- 88 and eating eggs ("extra helping") every morning and going out every couple weeks for a good steak
I plan to re-introduce eggs, bivalves, shellfish and cold water fish back into my diet