A New Website

I've created a new website to complement my blog. That website can be found at Whole Plant Foods Diet Guidelines.

Its purpose is strictly informational, and it neither advocates nor provides nutritional guidance for a whole foods, plant-based diet. Instead, the intent of my new website is to impart information that I've learned on how to follow a WFPB diet. This comes from information that I've learned from being part of the Eat Smart Live Longer Club, watching videos and presentations about a WFPB diet, reading books by some of the well-known authors and from a nutrition course that I am currently taking from Vanderbilt University.

This blog here at www.finallyourtime.com will continue as a blog about my experiences in following the WFPB diet, which means that I will continue to write here about the foods I eat, their effect on me and menus for specific items of interest. I have, however, moved the Resources page over to my new website. And at some point I may start to blog over there as well, but with a different flavor. The blog there might be on news in the world of nutrition such as the recent information I recently posted on Facebook about olive oil.

Two key tabs on my new website that may be of interest are:

  • Everything You Need to Know About Losing Weight (now I've got your attention, right?)
  • Reading Food Labels
And as I learn more about how to follow this diet, more will be published.

Check it out. Let me know what you think.