A Look Inside My Pantry

Since I'm not cooking right now, I thought I'd show a look at my pantry.  Some of it's very hard to see, and this isn't all of it. Up in the lefthand corner is a variety of cereals, including rolled oatmeal, quick-cooking oatmeal, oat bran, 7-Grain cereal and Kashi Cinnamon Harvest. Because of the sugar in the Kashi cereal, I plan to replace it with Shredded Wheat 'N Bran when I run out.

Next over, it's hard to see is a carton of Nu-Mo shelf stable silken tofu. That's always good to have on hand for recipes that call for tofu. On the right hand side of the top shelf are bottles of liquor (Chivas Regal, Grey Goose, Wild Turkey, etc.). They're always good to have on hand for when a recipe might call for liquor.  :-)

Next shelf down are some oils but mostly different flavored vinegars. I put straight vinegar on my salads these days, and it's great. Sometimes I'll slice some pears and add them to the salad and top it off with Pear Vinegar. It makes for a great taste. Coming over from there are stocked up canned goods that include whole tomatoes, diced tomatoes, black beans, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, mixed beans, artichokes, mushrooms, diced jalapenos, chili peppers, etc. To the right of that are soups and vegetable broth. I haven't started making my own vegetable broth yet. Instead, I buy large boxes of it at Whole Foods right now.

The third shelf down is where I keep my spices and my pastas, dried beans and grains. I put the grains and dried beans in labelled Mason jars that include lentils, beans, quinoa and rice right now. Going down from there are baking goods, which include whole wheat flour, turbinado sugar and so on. I don't use sea salt or Real Salt because I think iodine is an important ingredient for my thyroid. Because iodine is hard to get in other places, I use plain old Morton's Iodized Salt.

So, that's a good look at my pantry and the kinds of dried and canned foods that I'm buying in order to maintain my diet.