Pine Mouth

For the last twenty four hours, I've been having the feeling of a bitter, metallic taste in my mouth. I thought for a while that it must have been the soup that I made. I keep the soup in a 16 quart stainless steel stock pot in the refrigerator. So, my natural assumption was that the metal in the stock pot was giving my soup a metallic, bitter taste.

But that turns out to not be the case. What I have is pine mouth. Pine mouth! Who knew!

I discovered this not from my doctor, but rather from doing an internet search. It turns out that eating pine nuts can create this condition approximately 12 to 48 hours after eating them. And it's not that the pine nuts are bad. It's just a feature that pine nuts seem to sometimes have. According to the all-knowing internet, the bitter taste will eventually go away.

After learning about this, I quickly remembered that I had some salad with pine nuts in it a few days ago. So, now I know. Next time I get tasting a metallic, bitterness in my mouth, I'll ask myself --- did I have some pine nuts in the recent past? Hopefully, the answer will by "Yes." Otherwise, it will be back to the internet searching for me.