Jim's Beet Potato

Today for lunch I made a beet-topped baked potato on a bed of beet greens.

I baked the potato at 425 degrees for one hour. It was a large potato. A smaller potato may take less time. While the potato was baking, I sliced a fresh yellow beet and put it in the steamer for 30 minutes. That can be done while the potato is baking.

Once the yellow beet was done cooking, I peeled the beet and chopped it into pieces about a quarter inch square. That's easy to do once the cooking is done. While waiting for the potato to finish cooking, I took some of the leaves off of the beet plant and lined the plate with the beet leaves, which are edible and have a bit of a resistant consistency that I enjoyed eating.

Once the potato was done, I placed it on the bed of beet leaves, opened it up and topped it with the chopped steamed beets, added some celery seed, salt and pepper and then poured on a small amount of vegetable broth. The vegetable broth was to moisten the potato a little more.

I had that along with a small salad for my lunch today. And I enjoyed it a lot. I'll be having it again.