Jim's 12-Hour Better Than B&B Steel Cut Oatmeal

Last night while I slept, and the aroma of cooking apples and cinnamon wafted through the house, the best pot of oatmeal I ever tasted was coming to life in my slow cooker.

I will be posting a recipe for this oatmeal; it's too good not to. But first I want to try some tweaks. Call me crazy, but I think I have some ideas to make it even better. So, for now, this is just a teaser. Come back again to get the recipe.

Note: The above picture is at the start of making it. Below is a picture of it in the bowl before adding walnuts, strawberries and more almond milk (there's a hint on one of the ingredients --- actually you so far know that there's steel-cut oats, almond milk, cinnamon and apples in it. But what else? You'll have to return to find out).

You're going to love it.