A Book Review: "The Starch Solution" by Dr. John A. McDougall

For over sixteen years, I believed that carbs were the reason that I was fat. I ate bacon and eggs every morning for breakfast and thought all the nutrients in the egg's yolk were keeping me healthy. But God forbid that I ever ate a baked potato or a bowl of pasta! That would be the epitome of bad health and the cause of instant weight gain.

It's hard to believe that I could think that bacon and eggs were good for me and a baked potato was not good for me. And yet I did, as do many other people.

I was cured of such thoughts by Dr. John A. McDougall in his enlightening and easy to read book, The Starch Solution. In that book, Dr. McDougall argues that starch should be the centerpiece of our meals. For someone like myself, that was a hard notion to swallow. But given


disabusing old myths

my criticisms:

low carb doesn't work -- it does
tanning beds