Vegan Diet Saves Lives in Two Ways

Recent research at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) in Richland, WA has found that cutting greenhouse emissions saves lives.

That means the vegan diet saves lives in two ways. First, it does so directly by providing the health benefits of not eating animal products, which are responsible for so many diseases and life-threatening illnesses.

But in addition, eating a vegan diet reduces the production of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. As PNNL has found, cutting down on those emissions to the atmosphere also saves lives.

Climate change, pollution and unhealthy eating are all part of a cycle that reduces our health and brings about an early death. Eating healthy, reducing carbon emissions and farming that doesn't pollute are all part of the same cycle that improves health and increases life spans.

And because of that, it seems to me like that's really the natural way for us to eat.