The Eat Smart Live Longer Club

Here in Sun City Hilton Head where I live, we have a club called the Eat Smart, Live Longer Club. The purpose of this club is to "educate and motivate members to eat a whole-foods, plant-strong diet so they can improve their lives and avoid or minimize chronic health conditions." That sounds like a tall order --- being able to avoid or minimize chronic health conditions. And yet the more I read and learn, the more that seems to be exactly the case when eating a plant-strong diet.

We have two monthly meetings at which member share about themselves and about what they're doing. In addition, there are usually videos shown at these meetings, which help to reinforce the importance of eating this way. At the last meeting, one of our members showed slides of food that she had prepared using the plant-based philosophy as well as slides of kitchen tools that make preparing foods easier.

Other ways the club operates is to hold small group dinners in individual homes where we can each show off our favorite plant-strong recipes to other club members. Also, we are planning lunches at various restaurants where we can order plant-strong meals. Doing these things helps to educate us on recipes others make as well as on restaurants where we can eat and how we can order in those restaurants. Speaking of that, I have an upcoming blog post on how I ordered a plant-strong meal at the Longhorn Steak House that was the envy of those at my table. So, watch for that.

This club has given me lots of useful information and motivation as I get started on a plant-strong diet. And it's become extremely popular within our Sun City community. If I lived elsewhere, I would be seeking out a club similar to this. And if there was none, I would start looking for a group of people to help start such a club. With the material that is on my Resources page of this blog, there should be sufficient information to start eating this way and toward forming a club of like-minded members.