My Quick and Easy Menu for the Week

Tomorrow is 5% off at Kroger's day for seniors. So, it's off to Kroger's tomorrow. I'll finish my shopping at Whole Foods in Savannah on Sunday when I visit my daughter. Being widowed and on my own right now, I'm still into simple meals that can be made easily for one person.

Here's what my menu looks like for the coming week. Everything is vegan except for the Kashi dinner on Saturday night. That meal is vegetarian.

Breakfasts (each day):

1/2 Grapefruit
Oat Bran with cinnamon, walnuts, berries and almond milk


Wed./Thurs: Naanwich, Raw Kale Salad and Leafy Quinoa.
The Naanwich is sold by Whole Foods in the frozen food section. The Raw Kale Salad and Leafy Quinoa is sold by Whole Foods in the fresh deli section by the salad bar.

Rest of the Week: Amy's Vegan Chili (out of a can) and Spinach Salad with cut up vegetables


Tonight: Red lentil stew (leftovers from Sunday and made by my daughter) over brown and wild rice with leftover squash and raw kale salad

Wednesday: Channa Masala with brown and wild rice (mushrooms mixed in with the rice) and spinach salad

Thursday: Beans 'n rice (with diced jalapeno peppers and diced tomatoes mixed in) and spinach salad

Friday: Thai basil chili tofu (from the frozen foods at Whole Foods) and brown and wild rice

Saturday: Kashi Italian vegetable medley pasta (from the frozen foods at Kroger's)

Sunday: Dinner at my daughter's house. She will surprise me with another delicious vegan meal.

Monday: Indian Samosa Wrap (from the frozen foods at Publix) with brown and wild rice and frozen veggies

Tuesday: Channa Masala with brown and wild rice and frozen veggies

Monday and Tuesday night are subject to change if my daughter provides me with leftovers from the meal she provides on Sunday.