Eat Nuts! Not Too Many!

When I was dieting on the Standard American Diet (SAD), on programs like Weight Watchers or with a private nutritionist at one point, nuts were considered to be a "no-no" on the diet. Nuts are high in calories. They are among the most calorie dense foods on the market. No one should think they can eat nuts and lose weight.

I'm here to prove that wrong. I eat nuts every day, and I've lost 20 pounds in the last four weeks or so. And now, there's a Harvard University study, published this week in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine that says that not only is nut consumption beneficial for preventing cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes, but there is also now evidence that people who eat nuts on a regular basis (i.e. daily) will also tend to live longer. This is not true for those who eat nuts only occasionally. It must be a regular thing.

I buy nuts in the bulk food section of the grocery story. I buy them unsalted, which means not only am I avoiding the salt, but I won't eat as many that way. And obviously I buy them raw.

While the grocery store keeps them outside of the refrigerated cases, I find they stay fresher and taste better if refrigerated. As shown in the picture below, I have two containers in the refrigerator, one of just walnuts because I put that on my oat bran in the morning, and the second of mixed raw nuts, which I try to enjoy a handful of each day.

Peanuts are a different story. I keep them on the shelf in the closet. Peanuts are actually not nuts; they are legumes. But they also are nutritious and worth eating when hungry for a snack. I find peanuts to be both filling and satisfying as a snack.