A Vegan Breakfast

So, what does a vegan eat for breakfast? Probably, whatever they want as long as it contains no animal products. But I'm pretty consistent. I don't like to think too much in the morning. I want to know what I'm going to have, so I will have the same thing every morning.

I start with a bag of oat bran. I modify the instructions some by using one cup of oat bran and two cups of water, which I microwave then for four minutes. It comes out of the microwave looking like this:

You might notice that it's in a fairly large bowl. I bought four of these bowls specifically for this purpose. The thing about oat bran is it will expand on you in the microwave. If it's not in a large bowl, then it can spill over. I've not had that problem with rolled oats though, so rolled oats I will cook in a normal sized bowl.

Then I add blueberries and walnuts. I believe this still keeps it a low-fat breakfast, but if you want to lower the fat content, you can skip the walnuts and add something like raisins or bananas. Cinnamon, honey or brown sugar also works nicely on oat bran as it does oatmeal.

Here's a look at the final product before pouring the milk:

As you will note, I use almond milk, which provides this breakfast a nutty taste along with the walnuts. A suitable choice for lowering the fat content might be to add rice milk instead.